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Assessment of radioactive contamination and radiation doses of flora and fauna with the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

The training course was developed for experts working in the area of radiobiology and radioecology as well as for students (over 18) studying at biology faculties at universities.

altThe training course Assessment of radioactive contamination and radiation doses of flora and fauna within the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone provides a glimpse of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, peculiarities of contamination, ionizing contamination impact on flora and fauna and trains the following skills:

  • spectrometeric measurements of plant, soil and animal samples;
  • radiochemical analysis of samples to determine 90Sr content;
  • assessment of radiation conditions within contaminated areas;
  • calculation of radiation doses within radioactively contaminated areas.

Course Profile

DAY 1. Theoretical training





Chornobyl Zone:

  • peculiarities of the territory contamination;
  • flora and fauna of the Chornobyl Zone.

S.P. Gashchak


Radioecology research within radioactively contaminated areas

Iu.A. Makliuk


Structure of radiation doses within the Chornobyl Zone. Calculation models for absorbed doses.

S.P. Gashchak


Environmental spectrometry

A.M. Maximenko

DAYS 2&3. Practical training

    • layout of sections, determination of the coordinates of the sections using GPS;
    • evaluation of radiation conditions of the sections.

Instructors: S.P. Gashchak, Iu.A. Makliuk, V.I. Martynenko.

DAYS 4-7. Practical training

    • making traps;
    • sampling (of plants, soil), capturing animals;
    • animals processing, dissection;
    • spectrometric measurements.

Instructors: S.P. Gashchak, Iu.A. Makliuk, V.I. Martynenko.

DAYS 8-11. Practical course

    • radiochemical analysis of the content of 90Sr in samples.

Instructors : A.M. Maximenko, Iu.A. Makliuk.

DAY 12. Practical training

    • calculation of radiation doses;
    • statistical processing of the data.

Instructors : S.P. Gashchak, A.M. Maximenko, V.I. Martynenko.

Duration of the course

The training course is supposed to last 15 days. Schedule of the training is as follows:
Sunday Arrival of participants;
From Monday to Saturday training;
Sunday day off;
From Monday to Saturday training;
Sunday departure.

Languages of training

English, Russian.

Location of the training course

The training course will be conducted in the International Radioecology Laboratory of the Chornobyl Center ( Slavutych, Ukraine), state-of-the-art equipment shall be used and practical training within the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone shall take place. Safe conditions shall be maintained during the activities within the radioactively contaminated areas.

Training cost (per one participant)

The cost of participation in the 15-day training course is $3000.
The cost includes:

  • Participation in the training course;
  • Translation services;
  • Coffee breaks;
  • Lunch;
  • Living in the hotel.

Additional services

  • Internet access and e-mail (free).

Upon agreement with the Client (participant of the training course):

  • transfer from Borispol airport to Slavutych and from Slavutych to Borispol airport can be provided;
  • duration and content of the training course may be changed;
  • training language may be changed;
  • visit to the Shelter Object and Chornobyl NPP may be included into the training course program.


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