Visit of UK guests to the Chornobyl Center

On May 15, 2008, Mr. John McNamara, Head of Media and Public Relations, the UK Nuclear Industry Association, accompanied by Mr. Leonard Green, Consultant of the UK Nuclear Industry Association, visited the Chornobyl Center.


During their meeting with S.N. Chesnokova, Head of Information and Analytical Department, the delegation was briefed on the CC and IRL activities, collaboration opportunities were discussed. On May 16, the guests visited ChNPP, the towns of Pripyat and Chornobyl.

The guests left their memos in the Book for Honorary Guests of the CC.

“Dear Colleagues at Chornobyl International Centre,

Many thanks for accepting our visit from United Kingdom at this most important time for UK nuclear industry. Best wishes for your future work and the very important nature of the information you provide. Thank you for supplying the world with this information.

Best wishes,
John McNamara,
UK Nuclear Industry Association”


“Dear Friends

It was so good to be back as a visitor to Chornobyl Center. The quality and enthusiasm of its staff is still high. My wish is for this centre to prosper and for tothers to recognize the high standard of scxience that this facility can provide.

Len Green

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