Specialists from Armenia completed training at the Chornobyl Center

A two-week training course ‘Methods of radiochemical analysis of 90Sr, 234U, 235U, 238U in the environmental samples’ was held in the training center of the Chornobyl Center for the specialists from Armenia on March 11-24, 2018.

The training was organized within the framework of the Technical Cooperation Program with the IAEA.

The program of the training course included the theoretical and practical exercises.

The theoretical part included an overview of the modern methods of radiochemical analysis of 90Sr and 234U, 235U, 238U in the environment, the study of the extraction chromatography principles, the rules of performing measurements on an alpha spectrometer, on a liquid scintillation spectrometer and on a gas flow proportional counter, and also the peculiarities of preparation of samples for measurements.

During the practical exercises, the techniques of performing measurements of 90Sr and 234U, 235U, 238U in the environmental samples have been mastered.

The participants of the training gave a high estimation of the practical skills of performing measurements, provided during the exercises, they noted the modernity and practicality of the Center’s laboratory equipment and expressed the desire to continue cooperation with its specialists.

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