State-level Assessment of A Threat Posed by Nuclear Facilities, Nuclear Material, Radioactive Waste, and Other Radiological Dispersion Devices. Stage 1

Period: 2003-2004

Customer: Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine

The project was targeted at the creation of a basis for the development of state-level model of the unauthorized actions threat with regard to nuclear facilities, nuclear material, radioactive waste and other radiological dispersion devices.

Within the framework of the project:

  • documents issued by the IAEA and other international organizations were analyzed with the objective to provide recommendations on ensuring counter-actions regarding the threat of unauthorized actions at nuclear facilities, with nuclear materials, radioactive waste, and other radiological dispersion devices;
  • comparative analysis of international and national legislative documents was performed with the objective to reveal discrepant provisions and determine possible ways of their addressing;
  • list of national regulatory documents establishing policies, technical and resource factors impacting creation and functioning of the state level threat model was developed;
  • list of required though absent documents was developed, requirements regarding their development were formulated, optimum level of the documents was justified (Laws of Ukraine, international acts, etc.).

The project resulted in the development of abstracts for the concept of state-level threat model.

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