Publications 2003

List of the Chornobyl Center’s staff publications and reports presented at conferences and workshops (2003)

Articles published in scientific periodicals: 

  1. Nosovskiy А.V. Small doses and issues of exposure normalization // Problems of Chornobyl, 2003, No.12, pp. 17–30.
  2. Kliuchnikov А.А., Nosovskiy А.V., Barjakhtar V.G. On necessity in reformation of Science in Ukraine and establishment of Atomic Energy Research Institute // Problems of Chornobyl, 2003, No. 12, pp. 6-16.
  3. Antonov Ye.А., Nosovskiy А.V., Rylov V.R., Tkachiov D.А. System for documentation and storage of data related to NPP power units decommissioning // Problems of Chornobyl, 2003, No.14.
  4. Nosovskiy А.V., Saliy L.М. Conceptual approaches to the development of cost-estimetion techniques for nuclear power units decommissioning // Problems of Chornobyl, 2003, No.13.
  5. Nosovskiy А.V. Radiation doses obtained as a result of the Chornobyl accident and medical effects// Nuclear and radiation safety, No.1, p. 11-24.
  6. Nosovskiy А.V. Characteristics of safety in nuclear industry. // Nuclear and radiation safety, No.2, PP. 29-39.
  7. Bobro D.G., Nosovskiy А.V., Kochegura Yu.А., Gritsay О.О. Formation of constants library for RBMK-000 reactor transport calculations // Nuclear and radiation safety, 2003, No.4, PP. 51-62.
  8. Bobro D.G., Bondarkov М.D., Nosovskiy А.V., Pavlovich V.N., Fomin V.V., Shatsman А.V. Comparative analysis of experimental and calculation data of the activity and nuclide composition of the ChNPP Unit 2 reactor channels graphite elements // Nuclear and radiation safety, 2003, No.3, p.78-86.
  9. Bobro D.G., Nosovskiy А.V., Pavlovich V.N . Calculation of isotope composition and radiation characteristics of the Chornobyl NPP Unit 2 reactor equipment and structural elements // Magazine “Atomic Physics”, Russia.
  10. Nosovskiy А.V. Experience of nuclear power units decommissioning // KPI Bulletin, 2003.
  11. Nosovskiy А.V. Nuclear power industry development prospects in Ukraine // KPI Bulletin, 2003.
  12. Gaschak S . P . Interesting zoological findings in the north of Kyiv and Chernigiv regions // Zoology Bulletin, 2003. 37 (3): 64.
  13. Barchuk R .А., Vareniuk I . N ., Gaschak S . P., Gorianaya Yu.А. Morphofunctional study of the bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus) thyroid, adrenal cortex and hypophysis living in conditions of contaminated environment // NAS of Ukraine, Reports, 2003.
  14. Wickliffe J.K., A.M. Bickham, B.E.Rodgers, R.K. Chesser, C.J. Phillips, S.P. Gaschak, J.A. Goryanaya, I. Chizhevsky, R.J. Baker. Exposure to low dose-rate l-radiation does not induce point mutations in Big Blue mice. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 41(1).
  15. Baryakhtar V . G ., M . D . Bondarkov , S . P . Gaschak , Ju . A . Goryanaya , A . M . Maksimenko , V . V. Liabik, R . K . Chesser , R . G . Baker. Problems in small mammals radioecology // Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research. 2003. Special Issue No 1. PP. 95—106.

Reports presented at conferences and workshops:

At the meeting of the Ukrainian Branch of the International Union of Radioecology:

  1. Gashchak S.P., Ivanov Yu.A. On International Radioecology Laboratory and results of its activity. – Kyiv, April 18, 2003.

At the 3-rd congress of radiation research ‘Radiobiology and Radioecology’, Kyiv, May 21-25, 2003.

  1. Bondarkov М .D., Gashchak S.P., Ivanov Yu.A., Maksimenko А .М ., Riabushkin А .N., Zheltonozhskiy V.А ., Zheltonozhskaya М .V., Baker R.J., Chesser R.К ., Rodgers B.Е . Radioactive material distribution within the Red Forest area. Red
  2. Bondarkov М .D., Gashchak S.P., Ivanov Yu.A., Oskolkov B.Ya., Riabushkin А.N. International Radioecology Laboratory. Goals, objectives, and directions of research.
  3. Gorianaya Yu.А ., Maksimenko A.M., Gashchak S.P., Barchuk R.А ., Bondarkov М.D. Distribution of 90Sr and 137Cs in organism of red bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus).
  4. Gorianaya Yu.A., Barchuk R.А., Vareniuk I.M., Gashchak S.P. Morphofunctional analysis of Clethrionomys glareolus thyroid gland and adrenal gland under the conditions of habitat radioactive contamination.
  5. Ivanov Yu .А. Assessing significance of the processes determining long-term dynamics of the ChNPP release’s 90Sr and 137 Cs intake from soil to plants

At the Conference of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society, Sevastopol, June 2003: 

  1. Yaroslavtsev K.G. Application of HAZOP and HAZAN techniques for the development of safety cases for nuclear facilities.

At the 1-st Plenary and Working Group Meetings of the IAEA Programme on Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS), Vienna, Austria, September 1-5, 2003: 

  1. Gaschak S.P., Arkhipov A.N. Slavutych and Pripyat – model towns for radioecology research.

At the 9 th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management. ICEM’03, Oxford, UK, September 21-25, 2003:

9. Ivanov Y.A., Los I.P., Arkhippov A.N., Proskura N.I. Conceptual and practical aspects of the rehabilitation of Chernobyl NPP Exclusion Zone. 
10. Ivanov Y.A. Long-term dynamics of radiological situation in terrestrial ecosystems as a result of the Chornobyl accident. 
11. Oskolkov B.Ia., Seida V.A., Neretin Y.A., Saliy V.P., Fomin V.V. Radioactive waste management problems at the Chornobyl NPP.

At the workshop hosted by the Moscow Division of NPP Public Corporation “NPP Decommissioning” and at the joint meeting of NNEGC ‘EnergoAtom’ and RosEnergoAtom: 

  1. Rylov V.R., Tkachiov D.A. Scientific and technical support to the ChNPP decommissioning activities.

At the International Chornobyl Center’s conference “International Cooperation for Chornobyl”, Slavutych, September 9-12, 2003:

13. Bobro D.G., Yaroslavtsev K.G. Application of HAZOP and HAZAN techniques for the development of safety cases for nuclear facilities. 
14. Nosovskiy А.V., Rylov V.R., Seida V.A. Analysis of potential accidents during decommissioning NPPs with RBMK reactors. 
15. Bondarkov М.D., Zheltonozhskiy V.А., Maksimenko А.М., Martynenko V.I., Nosovskiy А. V., Oskolkov B.Ya., Petrov V.V., Riabushkin А.N., Savin A.I., Sadovnikov L.V., Shulga А.А. Experimental determination of radioactive isotopes in GRP-2-125 reactor graphite. 
16. Bobro D.G., Bondarkov М.D., Nosovskiy А.V., Pavlovich V.N., Fomin V.V., Shatsman А.V. Comparative analysis of experimental and calculation data of the activity and nuclide composition of the ChNPP Unit 2 reactor channels’ graphite elements. 
17. Rylov V.R., Nosovskiy А.V., Goncharov B.I., Seida V.A., Shatsman А.V. Results of comprehensive engineering and radiation survey of the ChNPP Level 1. 
18. Bobro D.G., Nosovskiy А.V., Gritsay Е.А., Kochegura Yu.А. Formation of constants library for RBMK-1000 reactor transport calculations. 
19. Nosovskiy А.V., Rylov V.R., Tkachov D.A., Antonov Е.А. Database for informational support of NPP power units decommissioning. 
20. Bondarkov М.D., Gashchak S.P., Zheltonozhskaya М.V., Zheltonozhskiy V.А., Ivanov Yu.A., Maksimenko А.М., Riabushkin А.N., Ronald К. Chesser, Rodgers B., Baker R. Comparative analysis of parameters of radioactive isotopes migration in the Red Forest soils. 
21. Ivanov Yu.A., Los I.P., Arkhipov A.N., Kashparov V.A., Proskura N.I. Principles of the exclusion zone and zone of absolute (compulsory) resettlement rehabilitation. 
22. Rudia К.G. Clarification of procedure and parameters of the Chornobyl NPP Unit 4 reactor core and reactor compartment destruction process. 
23. Rudia К., Pazukhin E. and others. Research of the Shelter Object lava-like fuel containing materials formation processes under the laboratory conditions of KhFTI SC. 
24. Rudia К., Tolstolytskiy А., Krasnorutskiy V. and others. X-ray research of model materials within the framework of experiments simulating NPP emergencies. 
25. Rudia К., Tolstolytskiy А. and others. Use of nuclear micro-analysis methods to research elemental composition of synthesized imitators of lava-like fuel containing materials. 
26. Rudia К., Tolstolytskiy А. and others. Electron-microscopic and X-ray research of lava-like samples. 
27. Rudia К., Tolstolytskiy А. and others. Research of Shelter Object’s small elements extracted at membranous dust suppressors. 
28. Rudia К., Krasnorutskiy V. and others. Measurement of lava-like fuel containing materials imitator’s viscosity under high temperatures. 
29. Glygalo V., Rudia К., Seleznev А., Gunter G. Pretzsch. The Chornobyl NPP Sarcophagus Safety Project implemented under the French and German Initiative for Chornobyl. 
30. Oskolkov B. Ya., A.M. Maksimenko, S.P. Jepo, A.S. Skalskiy, V.V. Fomin, V.V. Andreev, G.F. Drapeko, A.I. Zagray. Ecological assessment of the groundwater radioactive contamination at Chornobyl NPP site.

At the International Conference on the Protection of the Environment from the Effects of Ionizing Radiation, 6-10 October 2003, Stockholm, Sweden. 

  1. Bondarkov M.D., S.P. Gaschak, Yu.A. Ivanov, A.M. Maksimenko, A.N. Ryabushkin, V.A. Zheltonozhsky, L.V. Sadovnikov, R.K. Chesser, R.G. Baker. Parameters of radiation situation on the territory of the Red Forest site in the Chornobyl exclusion zone as impact factors for wild non-human species.
    32. Bondarkov M.D., S.P. Gaschak, Ju.A. Goryanaya, A.M. Maksimenko, R.K. Chesser, R.G. Baker. Radionuclides accumulation and dose burden in small mammals in Chornobyl zone.
    33. Gaschak S., I. Chizhevsky, A. Arkhipov, N.A. Beresford, C.L. Barnett. The transfer of 137Cs and 90Sr to wild animals within the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

At the international workshop “Ecological Safety of Products and Environment Is Needed by The Society” , Sudak, Crimea, October 21-24, 2003: 

  1. Kovalenko G ., Rudia К., Koretskaya N .Development of a territorial radioecology passport concept.
    35. Seleznev А.N. On the activities to mitigate anthropogenic pressure on Ukrainian natural ecosystems.
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