Publications 2001

List of the Chornobyl Center’s staff publications and reports presented at conferences and workshops (2001)

  1. Baker R.J. , A. M. Bickham, M. Bondarkov, S. P. Gaschak, C. W. Matson, B. E. Rodgers, J. K. Wickliffe, R.K. Chesser. Consequences of Polluted Environments on Population Structure: The Bank Vole ( Clethrionomys glareolus) at Chornobyl. EcoToxicology, 2001 – Vol.10, No.4, PP. 211-216.
  2. Chesser R.K. , B.E. Rodgers, J.K. Wickliffe, C.J. Phillips, S.P. Gaschak and R.J. Baker. Accumulation of 137Cesium and 90Strontium through abiotic and biotic pathways in rodents at Chornobyl. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2001. – Vol.20, No.9. – PP. 1927-1935.
  3. Wickliffe J.K., B. E. Rodgers, R. K. Chesser, C. J. Phillips, S. Gaschak, M. Bondarkov, I. Shohaleyvitch, I. Chizhevsky, and R. J. Baker. Evaluation of radiation-induced germline minisatellite mutations in Mus: Environmental relevance and Chornobyl / In proceedings: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry annual meeting. November 2001.
  4. Zheltonozhsky V., Bondarkov M., Stukin Ye. “Hot particles” of the first atomic explosions – forty years later // Reports of International Congress on the Radioecology-ecotoxicology of Continental and Estuarine Environments. France, 3-7 September 2001. (Poster report)
  5. Bondarkov М .D ., Gaschak S . P ., Ivanov Yu .А. Basic lines and preliminary results of the U.S. scientists’ research activities carried out within the Exclusion Zone (by the example of the International Radioecology Laboratory) // Collection of papers of Nuclear Research Institute, NASU “Experience of Chornobyl. 15 years after the accident”, – Kyiv, 2001. – PP. 23-29.
  6. Nosovskiy А.V. , Oskolkov B . Ya ., Tolstonogov V . K . Chornobyl NPP decommissioning. Review of experience. // Bulletin on ecological state of the exclusion zone and zone of absolute (compulsory) resettlement, 2001. – No. 17.
  7. Oskolkov B .Ya . On Rehabilitation of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone // Bulletin on ecological state of the exclusion zone and zone of absolute (compulsory) resettlement, 2001. – No.18.
  8. Oskolkov B . Ya ., Nosovskiy А. V . On the Shelter Object ecological safety criteria // IV International scientific and practical conference on the Shelter Object, SSE ChNPP, Slavutych (Digest of Abstracts), November 2001.
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