EUROSAFE Forum 2005 – Safety Improvements: Reasons, Strategies, Implementation

Yevgen Garin, Coordinating Director of the Chornobyl Center, and Elena Ladyzheva, CC Director for Economy, participated in EUROSAFE Forum 2005 that was held in Brussels, Belgium, on November 7-8, 2005. Current activities in the area of analysis and survey of nuclear facilities’ safety, radioactive waste treatment and physical security of nuclear material and nuclear facilities implemented by GRS, IRSN, AVN and their partners in the European Union, Switzerland and Eastern Europe were presented at the forum.

The Forum discussed the following issues:

  • Safety improvement – objectives and methods;
  • NPP safety improvements – licensees’ motivation and concerns;
  • Implementation of safety improvements – the role of the regulatory authority.

The seminars on the following topics were held:

  • Nuclear Installation Safety – Assessment and Analysis;
  • Nuclear Installation Safety – Research;
  • Environment and Radiation Protection;
  • Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities Security;
  • Waste Management.

For information:

The Forum is a part of EUROSAFE joint approach aimed at promoting the convergence of technical nuclear safety practices widely in Europe. The European Union with its presently 25 members, 13 of which use nuclear power, demands closer collaboration between the European organizations providing expert support in the area of safety. EUROSAFE’s aim is to perform this task.

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