Magnetic Levitation, Koryukovka’s Tragedy, Media War are the issues we got to know at the conference of young scientists

Scientific style of presentation, interesting research topics, compliance with writing and presentation standards for a research paper, clear and correct speech; these can be attributed to all young scientists of Slavutych.
On 29 April 2015, the traditional 4th scientific and practical conference brought together the pupils of 8-11 grades from the schools of Slavutych. According to its conditions, the conference could be attended by attendees, candidates or full members of the Slavutych scientific society of pupils, as well as by the young people, who have done research papers for the defending competition of the Junior Academy of Sciences (JAS) of Ukraine and for other intellectual competitions.
Ms. Yulia Makliuk, Ph.D. in Biology and Senior Research Fellow of the ChC International Radioecology Laboratory, was a member of the conference’s honorary presidium.

Ms. Svitlana Chesnokova, Head of Information Department, presented to each JAS participant an album on the Chornobyl Disaster that describes causes of the disaster, its progression, consequences for humans and the environment, the first years of its elimination.
Young Slavutych scientists were also invited to present their theme-based research papers for printing in the scientific and technical digest named “Problems of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone” and produced by ChC.

Information Department of SNRI “Chornobyl Center”

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