It was conducted training of “IAMS-ISDB Integration” project users by specialists of the Chornobyl Center

On 28th February 2011 in the frame of the project “Integration of IAMS and ISDB information systems” head of the Chornobyl Center department of engineering and software development D.V. Konyaev conducted training of “IAMS-ISDB Integration” project users. Listeners were specialist of Chornobyl NPP.


In the course of this training were discussed issues concerning purpose of information system, as follows:

    • information support of personnel responsible for nuclear, radiation, industrial and fire safety;
    • information support for decision-making at the stage of liquidation of the accident consequences to ensure the safety of personnel, population and environment;
    • long-term storage, processing and analysis of information, as well as providing the user with the obtained information.
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