Creation of electronic explications of main body premises of the ChNPP 1st stage

Period: 2010
Customer: SSE ChNPPWithin the framework of electronic explications creation of main body premises of the 1st stage the following actions were carried out:

  • comparative analysis of existng plans, drawings of constructional elements and building constructions for each premises separately (locations of doors, columns, ventilation skips, main equipment, mounting holes and dimensional specifications);
  • adjustment of the existing premises plans and then transferring in electronic format of data storage, using scaling;
  • pointing out of design load of covering in the location of dismantled equipment;
  • creation of electronic explications of А, Б, В, Г Block premises on individual files by total quantity if 230 pcs. by AUTOCAD 2006 graphic editor with the possibility to make changes;
  • publishing of explications albums for each block separately.

Head of The NPP Decommissioning Department
Vasyl R. Rylov
Tel.: +38 (04579) 2 27 48
Fax: +38 (04579) 2 81 44

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