Analytical Substantiation of Symptom-Based Emergency Operating Instructions (EOI) for Unit 3 at SS Rivne NPP, measure 8.12 КPB КMU for the SS Rivne NPP

Period: 2009
Customer : SS Rivne NPP 

The following works are being performed within the framework of the project:
Stage 1. Development of databases for Rivne NPP Unit 3.
Stage 2. Identification of needs and basics for additional analysis.
Stage 3. Development of the necessary calculation models of Rivne NPP Unit 3 for calculation codes.
Stage 4. Development of analytical substantiation (AS) for the procedures on critical safety functions (CSF) renewal.
Stage 5. Development of the AS for the procedures on optimum renewal.
Stage 6. Development of technical substantiation (TS) for the procedures on the CSF renewal.
Stage 7. Development of the TS for the procedures on optimum renewal.
Stage 8. Substantiation of symptom-based EOI facilities.
Stage 9. Elimination of SNRCU comments concerning the analytical substantiation of symptom-based EOI, technical substantiation of symptom-based EOI and substantiation of the symptom-based EOI facilities.


Deputy Director General
Valerii N. Glygalo
Tel.: +38 (04579) 2 83 62
Fax: +38 (04579) 2 81 44

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