3-Year Monitoring of Physical Security Systems in Oncology Clinics (8 Clinics)

Period: 2007-2009

Customer: BATTELL MEMORIAL Institute, Pacific Northwest Division (USA)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The following works are being performed within the framework of the project:

  1. Agreements for security servicing of ionizing radiation sources have been concluded with security companies.
  2. Semi-annual servicing of the ionizing radiation sources’ physical security systems.
  3. Telephone consultations on operation of intrusion detection systems and video monitoring systems.
  4. Fast response to a failure of the intrusion detection or video monitoring systems.
Head of Physical and Information Security Department
Valentyn I. Martynenko
Tel.:+38 04579 6-15-75
e-mail: vmartynenko@chornobyl.net
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