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Second International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment Recovery INUDECO

01 March 2017

Second Informational Message
Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the Second International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment Recovery INUDECO, which will be held 26-27th of April 2016 in Slavutych (Ukraine) in the scope of events dedicated to 30 anniversary of Slavutych town that was built for Chornobyl disaster fighters.
Official languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Collection of materials will be issued following the conference. You can found more information about the logistics, requirements for the materials and presentations on the official conference website
Application form and presentation text are accepted until 10 April 2017
Future participants should pay attention to the following:

  • Within the section "Smart city technologies in the XXI century" there will be hackathon "Slavutych - the city of new ideas." Read more about the requirements and how to become a member on the official conference website

  • Within the section "Environmental problems of sustainable development and environmental protection" there will be the 12th ECO Forum and tour to the State Research Institution "Chornobyl Center of radioactive safety, radioactive waste and radioecology". Read more about ECO Forum on its official website

  • On 27 April 2017 conference participants will have an opportunity to visit the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and "Shelter" оbject. The trip will be held due to the requirements of the Order about visiting exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement by citizens of Ukraine, foreign delegations and foreigners. If there is desire to participate in the trip, participants must complete a special entry form when registering for the conference and send it by email to by April 10, 2017

  • The registration fee is 200 UAH. Information for payment: KP "Regional Development Agency" MFO 351005 Current Account 6008502693400 EDRPOU 32301037. The information about payment options is in the registration form and on the conference website.

Organizing Committee Contact phone: +38 (045-79) 02-10-90, +38 050 900-94-74. We will be grateful if you and your colleagues would take part in the conference.

Sincerely yours
Anatoly Nosovskiy,Co-Chair of scientific organizing committee, Director of Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Yuri Fomichev, Co-Chair of scientific organizing committee,Mayor of Slavutych

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